We surf online and we are faced with 1000 different alternatives that may often be confusing , it's a bit like when you go into a store to buy a pair of shoes and try on so many that you don't know which one you really like.
Well for shoes we wouldn't know how to help you, but if you are looking for your dream home we are ready to give you our advice! In this article I would like to show you what Rolling Hills can offer you, what our job is and how we work.
Rolling Hills is a real estate agency that deals with the purchase and sale of period villas and farmhouses, thanks to an almost exclusively foreign clientele.

Our agency is particularly concentrated in the areas of Tuscany and Umbria, thanks to a dense network of partnerships such as that established with the Great Estate real estate agency, which allow us to have a wide selection of properties in both regions in our real estate database.

Our real estate database is the result of a rigorous selection that we apply to properties for sale in Tuscany and Umbria. We always try to identify the most beautiful properties at prices consistent with those of the market.

By visiting our website you have both the possibility to make a request for one or more properties that particularly affect you, and the possibility to make a generic request by sending an email to info@rollinghillsitaly.com . In both cases our secretary will contact you (in case you have made a request for a specific property, giving you all the information such as photos, floorplans and description of the interiors of the selected property) giving you a short interview.
This step is extremely important, because it will allow us to know in detail what your needs are, so what absolutely must be in the house of your dreams.Try to be clear and describe your "must" in detail.

After this step, the secretariat will pass the information on to the real estate agent in charge, who will carefully select the properties that meet your requirements and send you an initial selection. Once you receive the list, you will be asked to motivate why you have chosen or discarded the properties, so that we can better understand your tastes and try to create more targeted and precise selections.Once the client has identified the properties to his taste, we will proceed with the visits!

The sole agent is one of the services that our agency usually offers to buying customer. Sole agent article.This service consists in proposing to the client a simple contract, through which he/she appoints the Rolling Hills agency as his only contact. In this case we try to reduce the stress of the buyer who will no longer have to contact many agencies and talk to several agents at the same time, but will rely on us, thus receiving a dedicated real estate agent who will take care of finding the perfect house.

For clarifications and insights we suggest you to read our article step by step to buy home in Italy.