About Us

ROLLING HILLS Rolling Hills is meant to represent an alternative to the other realities in the field of real estate mediation, which operates in Tuscany and Umbria. a young and dynamic company resulted from the merger of the experiences of Mr. Jacopo Menchicchi, specializing in managing rentals and interior consulting, and of Mr. Alberto Zarro, real estate broker, developer of investment programmes and asset valuation. Our company is able to supply a wide range of professional services, structured in accordance to the specific needs of each customer.

OUR POLICY: Rolling Hills policy is based on the respect for values such as efficiency, transparency, integrity but above all, it is based on our determination to give a unique service. There are hundreds of people in the world who can jump 2 metres, a few dozen can reach 2.40 m, but only a few people can reach 2.45 m, and our company focuses its work on these few centimetres (F.D. 2013).