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In this article we would like to answer to a question that probably many of you are wandering reading our blog: why should I buy an house in Tuscany?Obviously there isn’t only one possible answer to this question, but can identify 3 popular reasons thanks to the contribute of our clients who have already bought an house in Tuscany• The majority of our clients bought a house in this territory to unwind and to be in contact with the nature at the end of their career path. On the other hand, others prefer to enjoy the silence and the peace, which are typical of Tuscan countryside, during the summer time, using the property as a second house where they can invite the whole family and friends.• Many of our buyers want a house in Tuscany to make an investment, in fact they created successful farmhouses, b&b and farms. The tourism and the agricultural production are absolutely flourishing that’s why they decided investing in this beautiful area.• Some of our clients decided to buy a house in Tuscany to create wellness centres, like spa or yoga retreats. Here the relax perfectly fits with an incredible location thanks to the amazing Tuscan hills These are only few of the main reasons that we have identified thanks to our clients who have already taken the plunge, but we are super curious to know what is your opinion, if you have doubts or concerns about buying a house in Tuscany.