It’s finally summer, there is no better time to have a holyday, to get away from the usual hustle and bustle life, in order to take a refuge in magic place like Montepulciano.
Everybody know this enchanting town, don’t you?
Well, we will present it here for you dear readers.
If you know our real estate agency, or if you are one of our clients, you should know that Montepulciano is our home, indeed our office is located in this awesome place, surrounded by art, culture and history.
Who could be a better guide of this town than us?
Montepulciano rises on a hill close to the beautiful Val d’Orcia, this town with a typical medieval architectural style has always aroused great interest, not only thanks to the breath taking view that can be admired from all over the town, but also for its history, its culture and tradition.
As you all know, Montepulciano is one the most important wine producer of the world, ( the Rosso of Montepulciano the third most popular wine in the world), that’s why the street that goes through the town, which is called “corso”, is full of wine shops, which propose to the visitors a wine tasting with some typical Tuscan products, and charming wineries.
The wineries organize some guided tours, in which are illustrated the wine making processes, followed by an happy hour and a wine tasting.
Shopping is absolutely guaranteed!
In Montepulciano, beside some gift shops, you can find many boutiques that produce shoes, belts and bags using typical Tuscan materials.
We don’t need to tell you that here you can live the real Tuscan atmosphere, and traditions, that’s why we are sure that ones you have visited Montepulciano, you’ll want to stay there forever.
Buying a house here you will enjoy a bit of heaven with your friends and family, so TAKE A LOOK AT OUR SELECTION OF LUXURY HOUSES FOR SALE IN MONTEPULCIANO!