Welcome back dear readers,
The former article was about Cortona, because we wanted to introduce you this beautiful town learning something more about its traditions.
Being Cortona such a vibrant town, every year here take place many interesting and enjoyable events, so we would like to recommend you the ones that we loved the most.
Well, are you curious? Let’s discover them together!
THE ARCHIDADO: from May 24th to June 9th, Cortona puts you back in the Middle Ages, indeed during this period you can assist to the flag games, which are performed in Piazza del Comune, in order to start the famous giostra dell’archidado, that is a challenge between the quarters of Cortona, which consist in shooting to the mark with crossbow.
The most impressive thing of archidado is the medieval parade, where all the citizens of Cortona march through the town wearing traditional costumesof that time.
ANTIQUES MARKET: takes place the last Sunday of every month, here there are more than 50 exhibitors who sales antiquities, collectors’ items and modern antiques.
At this market you can find unique pieces to make your new house even more fascinating.
THE CRONOSCALATA: it is an uphill race of vintage cars, it usually takes place the last Sunday in March, and it’s always a real crowd-pleaser.
In addiction to watching the thrilling race you can admire extremely rare samples of historic cars.
CORTONA ON THE MOVE: is a wonderful photographic exhibition, hosting photographers from all over the world.
The peculiarity of this event is that the works are installed in different places of Cortona, giving the chance to the visitors to participate at the exhibition discovering new shades of this town.
CORTONA MIX FESTIVAL: takes place during the summertime, between July and August and it consists in cultural and music events in which are hosted talented and famous artists.
CORTONA STREET CHEF: takes place the 27th of July, during this event 20 between the most important chefs in Italy come to Cortona, in Garibaldi square, giving to the passers-by the chance to taste their specialities.
CORTONA JAZ NIGHT: in August in Cortona you can listen to many wonderful concerts of Jaz music taking place in all the square of this town.
SAGRA DELLA BISTECCA: from 13th to 15th of August, at the Paterre park, you can taste the most delicious steak ever, overlooking the most beautiful view in Cortona.
During this event the citizens of this town cook the steaks in huge barbeques eating all together.
Buying a house in Cortona not only means to live in a place reach of history, culture and beauty, but also to be involved by the contagious enthusiasm of this vibrant town.