You wish to realize your dream of buying a luxury property in Italy. Do you know where to start?
Have you got a property in Italy that you would sell but you don’t know who rely on?
A real estate agent can definitely help you to during this process, but the right question is: how do you choose the perfect real estate agent?
We, from Rolling Hills, have identified 7 characteristics to consider when you choose your real estate agent.
Let’s start!
• Don’t let you mesmerize by the ones who ask for ridiculously low fees, both for the sales and for the purchase!
Every good service needs to be payed, usually who asks for very low fees, can rarely pursue the clients with a completely satisfying approach.
• An agency that cooperates with local and international partner agencies can definitely help you to reach your goal, because it has a wide range of properties available, and it also has a large network of clients from all over the world that could visit your house.
• Never trust “phantom” agencies, which are some agencies that never answer to your emails or phone calls.
Always remember that a good real estate agency must be by your side in every moment, clarifying all your doubts.
• Rely on an expert!
Every serious and prepared real estate agency is usually inscribed to an association and the agents must periodically attend updated courses and workshops, in order to be always on the ball.
• Sales aren’t everything!
Many agencies may flaunt the sales quantity reached in a year, but quality is more important than quantity.
Not every good agency has a huge sales quantity, so you shouldn’t judge a real estate agency by this fact.
• Visits are crucial to the sale and purchase of a property, a good real estate agent must show the building in detail, with costumer care and passion for its job, answering satisfactorily to the clients inquiries.
We hope that all this advises can be helpful for you and if you haven’t done so yet, take a look at our previous articles.