Sometimes trying to sell your house can be really stressful, especially when your property is considered to be quite old, with an extreme vintage style. So what should you do in order not to “scare” the ones that want to visit it?
Few years ago arrived the answer to this question: the HOME STAGING!!
Maybe you are wandering: what is it? How much it costs? How it works? Etc.
No more mincing words, let’s clarify your doubts!
What is it?
The home staging is a program that includes a complete restyling of your property’s look, some experts will study the distribution of spaces, and they will decide what is the right style to use in order to attract customers.
You (as the owner of the property) are going to sign an agreement where the Home staging experts, will propose you a temporary complete change of your property’s look at a very convenient price, the agreement has a duration of minimum 6 moths, and during this period the house will be visited by many possible buyers thanks to your real estate agency.
When the contract runs out, like Cinderella at midnight, your house will shift back to its previous look.
We from Rolling Hills, have already made an experiment with the Home staging, using one of our property on sale and we decided to rely on an expert: Ilaria Peparaio, from ELETA HOME STAGING .
The result is absolutely outstanding! The property seemed as if it has just cames out from an article of interior design, it looks fresher, more modern and it is definitely more appealing to a possible customer.
We have also noticed a grate increasement of visits, people are more interested now in this property, and many of them are pleasantly surprised by the new look of the house.How much it costs?
Every company has different prices, but as far as our experience with ELETTA we can guarantee that the prices are really convenient, moreover this service could help you to sell the property quicker.
The owner who enjoyed the home staging service was completely satisfied, and he thanks us for recommending Eletta home staging.
How it works?
The owner has nothing to worry about, an expert team will take care of your property in every way, making it looks at its best.
Are you still not convinced? Take a look at ELETTA'S BLOG where you will find photos, videos and details in order to discover how she gave a new beauty to one of our AMAZING PROPERTIES IN CORTONA.