Are you one of the many dreamers enchanted by the idea of owning a piece of Italian charm? Perhaps you've spent countless hours scouring the internet, dedicating precious holiday time to property visits, only to be left disheartened by the lack of appealing options or overwhelmed by the complexity of the market. If this sounds familiar, fear not, for there's a tailored solution designed to turn your dream into a reality: the Property Finder service.

What Exactly is a Property Finder?

The Rolling Hills is a full service Real Estate office which navigates the traditional market, matching buyers with their perfect property through sharing online listings that match their client’s specific criteria. However, often the specific property that our discerning buyers are looking for might not appear through traditional means, and so, we at Rolling Hills initiate a different model: we become Property Finders.

The Property Finding service is a bespoke solution tailored to the needs of international buyers seeking their luxury Italian abode. It's a high-value, trust-based partnership between client and consultant aimed at achieving a common goal: securing the ideal property. When you enlist the expertise of an International Property Consultant with Rolling Hills for their Property Finder service, you gain a dedicated point of contact who'll navigate the intricate Italian property market on your behalf. We begin by taking your specific criteria and searching for “off-market” properties and properties offered through nonconventional means.

Why Opt for a Property Finder?

Choosing the Property Finder service opens doors to a multitude of advantages:

  • Efficiency and Time Saving:
    Bid farewell to endless hours of fruitless browsing through hundreds of online properties that all start to run together after a while. The Property Finder service streamlines the search process, saving you valuable time. We will filter thousands of properties and select only the top choices that best fit your needs.

  • Team of Professionals Working for You:
    Rolling Hills is a small, boutique agency, with a dedicated consultant working with you while being backed by several team members to make sure that nothing is overlooked in your search for the perfect property. You will enjoy a transparent and trust-based relationship, ensuring your needs are understood and prioritized.

  • Quality Assurance:
    Rest assured that every property recommendation undergoes rigorous scrutiny by the team International Property Consultants. Rolling Hills prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring each suggestion aligns with your expectations. When it is time to begin viewing properties, you will save valuable time, knowing that the properties chosen for you are the ones that best reflect your needs, rather than spending multiple days driving all over Italy viewing properties that simply “do not make the cut”.

  • Eliminate the Language Barrier:
    Are you nervous or hesitant about the communication hurdles? Not with Rolling Hills! Language will never be a barrier, as our International Property Consultants speak English and we have an American Consultant on staff to share her relocation experience and to ensure that nothing is lost in translation.

  • Comprehensive Technical Legal Support:
    Rest assured, that no matter your question, from legal and technical advice to due diligence and beyond, Rolling Hills offers a vetted list of comprehensive service providers to guide you through every stage of the purchasing process. From the moment you begin your search, to the moment you receive the keys to your new Italian property, Rolling Hills will be with you every step of the way.

  • High Success Rate:
    Statistics speak volumes. With an impressive 80% of clients securing their dream property through Rolling Hills Property Finder service, your chances of success are significantly amplified. We work with some clients for months to ensure that we have exhausted all possibilities and present only the top properties to fit your needs.

  • How Does the Property Finder Agreement Work?

    The journey towards your Italian dream home unfolds in three distinct phases:

  • Research Phase: Your Rolling Hills International Property Consultant will meticulously assess your preferences and requirements, scouring their extensive portfolio, external sources and off-market properties to compile a tightly curated selection of properties.

  • Visit/ Evaluation Phase: After we have jointly refined the list of possibilities, together, we will embark on property visits guided by your Consultant. These visits allow for firsthand evaluation and refinement of your preferences. We know that there is no substitute for viewing a property in person.

  • Purchasing Process: Once you've identified the perfect property, your Consultant will guide you through the purchasing process, from negotiating terms to navigating legal complexities. With Rolling Hills by your side, every step towards owning your dream Italian home is made smoother and easier.

  • In conclusion, the Property Finder service isn't just about finding a property; it's about turning your Italian real estate aspirations into a tangible reality. With expertise, dedication, and a commitment to your satisfaction, Rolling Hills’ Property Finder service stands ready to unlock the door to your Italian dream home. Say goodbye to the frustrations of navigating the market solo and embrace the seamless journey towards your slice of Italian “la dolce vita”.