Welcome back dear readers,
Today our staff from Rolling Hills Italy is visiting some properties with our clients in Cortona, Tuscany, so we decided to tell you something about this beautiful town.
Maybe you have already known Cortona thanks to the movie that made it famous in 2003: under the Tuscan sun , but if you wish to visit it or maybe buy a house there, will you know what to see?
We took care of that, in fact in this article we will guide you through the alleyways of Cortona and we will discover together some extra news about this beautiful city.
Cortona is an ancient town with Etruscan origins that rises on a hill upon the beautiful Val di Chiana, this position enable the ones who live there to reach easily the major artistic and cultural certres; in addiction thanks to its closeness to Umbria you can easily reach the Trasimeno lake in few minutes.
The places that you can’t miss are:• The city centre : is very famous and vibrant, especially during the summertime.
Here we can find the city hall and the clock tower, which became symbol of the Cortona.
The city centre is crossed by the main road Ruga Piana that branches off in narrow alleyways full of typical shops and restaurants.
MAEC-museum of Etruscan civilisation: is one of the most important museums in Val di Chiana, here are preserved all the remains of the previous civilisations that used to live in Cortona.
The celle: is an ancient Franciscan settlement, in fact St. Francesco from Assisi, having visited Cortona, decided to create this building where, still today, Francis friars are living and praying remaining in contact with the nature.
Fortezza del Girifalco: this stronghold has medieval origins, it rises above Cortona and here the visitors can admire a outstanding view of Val di Chiana.
Parterre: is the park of Cortona, it is located at the end of Ruga Piana, here you can find fountains, sculptures, benches and a play area for the kids.
The panoramic terrace: this terrace is located in Garibaldi square, here you can admire a beautiful view of Val di Chiana and you can also see on the back ground the Trasimeno lake. You can take amzing pictures from this prospective!
Cortona is a really enchanting town from any point of view: there are many tourists, artistic events, typical restaurants and shops.
We definitely love this place, not only because here there is a mouth-watering food, but also because of its quietness, simplicity and warmness that can be filled simply walking down the streets.
Isn’t it a perfect location for your new house?